Sunday May 7, 2023:
Goth Day / Bats Day in the Fun Park®: The Spooky Trip to Disneyland Resort, CA. - All Day

Join us on our annual spooky trip to Disneyland, CA with several opportunities for meet-ups, photos, and more.... 

No special ticket is required, just a regular day ticket or a valid Magic Key AND a reservation to Disneyland, CA.

All the gothic happenings will be at the Disneyland Park only.  Spooky Meet-ups, Photo Ops, and Scream Prizes (more info below) for all to enjoy.  Don't forget the big group Photo Ops too. 

Have you seen our castle photos???

Just come to the designated meeting locations at the appropriate times so you don't miss any of the creepy fun. 


Please see our Instagram for
more information

May 7, 2023
Times & Meet-up Locations

11:00am - Baby Bats Photo-op
King Arthur carrousel; For kids
12 & under with their parents

1:00pm - Photo Station-op (30min)
Haunted Mansion, Fast Pass Gazebo
have your photo taken & get a
Button. While Supplies Last.

2:30pm - Group Photo-op
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
(see full instructions below)

3:15pm - Goth Boat; Ride meet-up
The Jungle Cruise on the sea of
black. A Bats Day Tradition.

5:30pm - Photo Station-op (30min)
IN TOON TOWN. Have your photo
taken & get a Button. While
Supplies Last.

8:00pm - HAUNTED MANSION Ride Meet-up (no photo-op)


2:30PM – Sleeping Beauty Castle

It is very important to follow all rules for this to run smoothly:

-Please do not hang around the area until 5 mins before the photo is taken. The photo is being taken at 2:30pm sharp. Disney can shut this photo op down.

-Prepare that you will NOT be in the front. Please do not try to get to be in the front. We will take the photo where everyone will be seen.

-The first 4 rows must sit down. No exceptions. If you have to stand please stay towards the back.

-Stay out of the street. We have to keep all pathways free for regular park attendees, Cast Members and vehicles to be able to pass.

-This photo will happen very quickly at 2:30pm sharp and we will spend no more than 5 mins taking it. We will get into position, take the photo and then go.

-Please only stay within the highlighted area marked below. (Please see the Photo-op diagrams below)

-Once in position Noah K will give the cue to take the photo.

-Let us all be on our best ghoulish behavior so this photo can be taken.

-Please follow our socials so that you don't miss when we post the group photo.



If you have any questions about the meet times or locations please email the Official Bats Day in the Fun Park site. DO NOT contact Disneyland.  This event is not sponsored by nor has any affiliation with the Walt Disney Company.



At one of our spooky events?
  YOU could win a SCREAM PRIZE 

Scream Prize Alert System 
(Instagram / Facebook)

Being at Disneyland for the Goth Day / Bats Day in the Fun Park event you are eligible to win a 

It's simple. All you have to do is: 

1. Follow us on one of our socials (Instagram / Facebook) 

2. On our account use your smartphone to turn on all notifications and alerts for when we post.  A SCREAM PRIZE ALERT will go off randomly throughout the day with a code word and hint to a location inside Disneyland where Noak K will be.    

3.  If you are the first person to find him and tell him the correct code word you will win a SCREAM PRIZE.

Your SCREAM PRIZE could be anything from stickers to an official Bats Day Event hat ears, even tickets to an upcoming Bats Day event.    

Good Luck!


Other Events
Continue to keep your Bats Day alerts on to be the first to know about updates and super secret info like discounts, additional special events, and other Scream Prize opportunities throughout the year. 


No purchase is necessary. Only one Bats Day Scream Prize per person, per event. If there is a tie between an individual turning in a code word winner will be determined by Rock, Paper, Scissors, best 3 out of 5. Bats Day will have final say with all winners. The Walt Disney Company has no affiliation with the Scream Prize Alert System.
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